It’s everybody’s dream or fantasy to one day have an exotic holiday in Phuket Thailand, well this is how to get here.


There are three ways to get to Phuket –

  • Arrive by plane
  • Arrive by road
  • Arrive by boat
Phuket International Airport

Phuket International Airport caters for all types of flights and has different 3 terminals.

  • Terminal 1 is for international flights.
  • Terminal 2 is for domestic flights to other parts of Thailand.
  • Terminal 3 is for charter flights when needed.
International Flights

You can arrive in Phuket from anywhere in the world via the Phuket International Airport that is located at the northern end of the island, 32 km’s from Phuket town. The Airport receives millions of arrivals every year either going to Phuket Island or passing through on a connecting flight to other area’s in Thailand.


Domestic flights

The airport also accepts domestic arrivals from all over Thailand, so if you can’t get a direct fight to Phuket internationally, then you will be able to get a connecting flight from Bangkok or another city that will have you landing in Phuket in no time.

Charter flights

Phuket Air hires out it fleet of jet planes to other airlines in times when additional flights are needed both domestically and internationally


Once you have landed and gone through customs, if you have not organized for your hotel to pick you up and take you to your room, you will be able to find mini buses or metered taxi’s available to take you to any part of the Island that you need to go.




Many people, including foreigners, visit Phuket every year arriving by road and crossing from the mainland to Phuket via Sarasin Bridge to the very north of the island and making the 600 meter span across the water by –

Sarisin Bridge


Hiring a car can be a practical way to get around Thailand if you are in a small group, small cars can be hired for about $600 USD a month and they get more expensive the large the vehicle you rent. You can also hire cars on a daily or weekly basis.


Catching a bus to Phuket is one of the most popular ways that people in Thailand, tourist included, get to Phuket. The reasons are that in most places in Thailand, a bus will leave to take you where you need to go every hour or two. Thailand has an incredible bus network system that is very practical, popular and cheap to use.

phuket bus station

If you’re in north, north-east or east Thailand, and you want to get to Phuket, first ask if there is a direct bus to Phuket, you might get lucky, if not, then you will have to catch the bus to Bangkok first, and change buses again at Morchit Station, that will take you to Phuket Bus Station


Phuket Bus Station was built just a few years ago to cater for the increasing number of arrivals to Phuket, it is modern, well designed, much larger and more practical than before, its only fault is – it is out in the middle of nowhere, 5 km’s north of Phuket Town. (The old station was in the heart of Phuket Town.)

phuket bus station

Once arriving at Phuket Bus Station, there are several options to get you to where you need to go, you will be able to ask at the information desk how to get to your destination.

phuket bus station

  • If you’re in a hurry, then a taxi might be the way to go, they will take you to Patong or Karon beach for about 600 Baht
  • If you’re not in a hurry, and don’t mind roughing it a bit, then you can take the circuit bus for a fraction of the price, the circuit bus is a lot slower and goes to Phuket town, then to Karon Beach, then to Patong then anywhere else it needs to go before heading back to the Bus Station, they leave and arrive regularly.
  • If you going to Phuket Town, a motorbike Taxi might be the go, for 100 Baht they will zoom you into the town centre.
  • Motor bike hire is available at the Bus Station if you want to take control of how you get around, usually 200 Baht a day with cheaper rates for weekly and monthly rentals. But they may want to keep your passport as security, which is not a good idea.

View GETTING TO PHUKET in a larger map

Mini Bus

Catching a Mini bus is another alternative to taking the public bus service, again there is a good network of minibus services around Thailand, they are fast, reliable and comparable in price, but you may have to change bus every 400 km’s or so.


Local Songthaews or baht buses cross Sarasin Bridge all the time taking people to Phuket.

Tuk Tuk

Local Tuk Tuk’s will also be around for a quick ride if you are lucky enough to spot one


Local Taxis from the mainland and nearby towns will run you across the bridge


Many thousands of motorbikes make the crossing every day.


If you’re doing a push bike tour and many people do, then crossing the main bridge on your bike is not a problem.


Sarisin Bridge

Yes, Sarasin Bridge is a tourist attraction in its own right and the original bridge has been restored with a face lift and is open to the public to walk across, while the new, larger bridge, services all the main traffic entering and leaving Phuket daily.


Only a few short decades ago, the only way to get here was by boat, there was no airport and Sarasin Bridge was not built until 1967, which replaced the northern Ferry to the mainland.  Today, boats still play a pivotal role in the Islands daily life, providing entertainment and sports activities, as well as transport to dive locations, island hopping and trips to the other side of Phang Nga Bay and to Krabi District.

Phuket cruiseship


Many people arrive in Phuket on board a cruise ship making a stopover while holidaying around South East Asia, the Port can handle the biggest liners and also caters for navy warships including US aircraft carriers while the crews go on R&R.

Ferryboat and speed boats are available to take you to many places on the mainland across Phang Nga Bay.


So as you can see, there are so many ways to get to Phuket, you just have to decide that your coming.

See you here.


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